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Butts Foods is an independent full service protein distributor serving national and independent restaurants, food retailers, and regional distributors in the Southeast and Midwest.


  • 1935


    Butts Foods, Inc was founded in 1935 as a live chicken distributor by Ray Butts Sr. During the 60’s, the company expanded into processed broiler and hen distribution for retail markets.

  • 60s-70s

    Distribution Expands

    Throughout the 60’s and 70’s, R.E. Butts Jr. expanded the distribution business and opened a hen processing plant in Jackson, Tennessee.

  • 1978

    Focus & Concentration

    In 1978, the company moved away from all live poultry distribution and processing and concentrated on the distribution of fresh processed poultry and other proteins to retailers and restaurants in the Southeast.

  • 2004

    Family Business

    Butts Foods Inc. is still 100% family owned after 80 years of serving the Southeast. The third and fourth generations of Butts family ownership, Ray Butts III and R.E. Butts IV continue to grow the business into new markets and services, including consulting and supply chain management for a wide range of clients.

  • 2017

    Great Progress

    In 2017, Butts Foods Inc. delivered over 60 million pounds of protein to restaurants and food retailers throughout the Southeast and Midwest.

  • 2018

    Further Expansion

    This year, Butts Foods Inc. acquired Nashville Wholesale Meats and the Tarrant Distribution Center from Mar-Jac Poultry, strengthening our presence in the Nashville and Birmingham areas.

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“In 2015, Butts Foods sold 150,000 pounds of drumsticks per week.”

Ray & R.E. Butts
3rd & 4th Generation

New Building

2016 brought on a newly renovated office building, creating an innovative workplace designed for future generations.

Key Employees of the Past

  • Ray Butts Sr. - Deceased 1959
  • R.E. Butts Jr. - Deceased 1978
  • Margaret Hays Butts - Deceased 1992
  • Luellen Hills Butts - Deceased 1997
  • Alice Butts Bryson - Retired 2009
  • Stanford Pittman - Deceased 1989
  • G.W. Hailey - Deceased 1995
  • Florence Bledsoe - Deceased 2008 over 60 years with company.

Long Time current employees 25+ years

  • Ray Butts since 1971
  • Elroy Miller since 1978
  • Ed Hare since 1979
  • Eddie Osbourne since 1984
  • Mike Pack since 1984
  • Joe Woods since 1987
  • Dennis Hucheson 1989
  • Donald Pugh 1990

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